Entourage, an Urbanforest & Lucy Mecks pretty little things

I’ve not seen a huge amount of Entourage but having gone to premiere on tuesday i loved it and am going back to watch all the the series again… done it in totally the wrong order i am aware but there’s no real rules, right?!

I also got a very lovely treat being able to wear a Vintage Yves Saint Laurent dress for the eve from the gorgeous girls at @bob_by_dop, paired it with nude shoes and bright orange belt

IMG_5998 IMG_5996

then i bumped into this joker and if you haven’t caught him yet on vine and insta i suggest you go have a look now as he is so utterly funny… it’s @arron_crascall

 he treated me to a cheeky sniff of my hair hahaha

IMG_5903 IMG_5904 IMG_5905 IMG_5906

naughty isn’t he!!

The next eve was all about the return of the Kopparberg Urban Forest @urbanforest pop up festival that has opened again in East London but this time Hackney Wick for 5 weeks until 12th July with live music, street food and drinks. Entry free over 18 and its well worth the visit.

We went down for the launch and watched Etta Bond and Katy B take to the stage..


IMG_5946 IMG_5948

then we ate mini burgers and mini mac and cheese… here’s gorgeous Kim Farmer with hers, which she described as the cheesiest thing she had ever eaten hahahaha!!!!!


also got to hang out with my favourite babes Jimmy Hill and AJ Odudu… watch @hi_jimmy new show Cereal time  here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOGelyFJnrzeNWh0y5JfZOQ


me wearing shell print dress from @neonrosefashion and mermaid tail print belt from @newlookfashion, bag from Newlook and as ever so are shoes… hangover is models own (me) from the night before and not going home when i was supposed to and somehow ended up in DSTRKT with Will.i.am and friends… yes, i don’t know either but it was fun

Then lastly on Thursday we went down to Lucy Mecks launch of her new range with Pretty Little Things… so much lovely stuff and we saw her gorgeous man Louis Smith there supporting her too

here’s some of new range @officialplt

IMG_5976  IMG_5974 IMG_5967 IMG_5968 IMG_5969

and yet again i got to wear a gorgeous vintage dress from @bob_by_dop that i put with vintage heart belt and nude shoes

IMG_5983 IMG_5981

Capital FM’s Summertime Ball extra gossip

every year the balls get bigger and better – this year was no exception, Capitals Summertime Ball was HUGE and i was lucky enough to be on the red carpet doing some interviews and generally mucking about with popstars

outfit full outfit

outfit details for red carpet are Top from Glamourous, Skirt from Miss Guded, shoes from Newlook and gorge watermelon ring from Gemporia

we chatted to everyone on the red carpet about sweat patches, festival etiquette, stage fails, creepin on people in insta and i also convinced most of them to do an emoji face picture with me (i made them pick it out of a box) heres the pics… Nick Jonas up 1st

NJ confusedNJ emoji  NJ emoji finished

then had a chat with these beauties, who agreed grey and light blue are the most dangerous when it comes to sweat patches in outfits but were willing to use a she-wee should they need to

little mix

Little Mix’s Jesy’s fella was up next… Jake from RIxton (i have the creepiest look on my face ever!!!) the Rixton boys admitted that Charlie the day before had had to use sanitary pads in his armpits to stop sweat patches showing through… we’ve all been there Charlie


speaking of creep faces look at the one i managed to pull put the bag while chatting to the brilliant Kelly Clarkson who said she never creeps no anyone on insta as she doesn’t have time and her team have to bully her into posting stuff in general

my creep face kelly

had a lovely catch up and a cuddle with Olly Murs who i caught doing his best Zoolander pose about 30 seconds before for the paps… work it babes

olly cuddles IMG_5811

Derulo didn’t quite get what was going on but he was well up for a flirt and then he joined in hahaha, he also admitted that he creeps on everyone he follows on his insta… lets all go look at who he follows as it ain’t that many hahaha he’s watching you

Jason Derulo chatjd emoji hangingjd emoji

and finally me creeping on Lauren from Fifth Harmony and myself and Martin Garrix doing the dancing lady emoji pose

5th harmony

Martin G chat martin Garrix emoji

what a lovely guy, i asked him if he had ever used a wet wipe at festival to which he looked slightly confused as i forgot English isn’t his first language… that was an embarrassing display trying to mime wet wipe action at him FFS!!!

oh & he was incredible at the after party at Mahiki later that eve where we all danced until we crawled out a about 5am….. yeah that Sunday on chart show was up and down one to say the least

Nickelodeon Store Launch

Nickelodeon have opened their flagship store in London at 1 Leicester Square and I got invited down to go and have a look, eat pizza and hang out with the lovely Diversity lads


also got to hang out with my favourite guy ever, SPONGEBOB… turns out he’s well friendly

Generated by  IJG JPEG Library

here’s some of the lovely stuff they have in store

IMG_5605  IMG_5569IMG_5606

also i made this guy who worked there pose with Patrick as he looked so uncomfortable doing it hahaha


also if like me you LOVE Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles here’s some of the goodies they have in store for you (or cute little gifts… look at the tiny t-shirts and all in one suits for little ones CUUUUTE!!!)

IMG_5580 IMG_5586 IMG_5587 IMG_5596 IMG_5598

then on the way out i spotted that a grown woman had pushed in front of a small child to get herself a transfer tattoo of her favourite TMNT… ***who on earth would do that???

***me… that’s who, how embarrassing hahaha


ah well get yourself down there if you are in London’s Leicester Square its next to M&M’s world so you can have a right old day out


Folli, Mollie & RuPaul

Folli Follie are the biggest babes (and have best cute heart bangles FYI)  and so here is how the night started…. strap yourselves in…..

so gorgeous Mollie King is the face of new Folli Follie accessories launch and she threw party to celebrate


always adored that girl, these sunglasses though…LOVE… also this dress from Oasis

IMG_5547sunglasses promo

(one pose different place, yes i know…)

and then we went to RuPaul’s Drag Race… ok have you ever seen it before???

here is a quick back ground

so RuPauls Drag Race is a reality competition on US telly where Ru Paul looks for ‘Americas Next Drag Superstar’  http://www.logotv.com/shows/rupauls_drag_race/ THE most addictive tv ever… (its on netflix… try it, you will love it)

we went to see the UK final hosted by http://www.trutv.co.uk judges were…. Jonathan Ross, RuPaul & Katie Price

ermmmm it had a ‘you know what’ shaped stage


the judges taking serious AF

judges yes

NOT REALLY THEY LOVED IT (Jonathan Ross/RuPaul/Katie Price)

judges no

 heres loads of other pics from the night including my fave girls ever… Arielle Free and AJ Odudu AND MY FAVE BOYS….

  me & daniel the girls time on cw time on cattwalk

babes duncs & gok

hot!mess & Spy movie

so hot!mess have the most gorgeous new stuff – here’s my faves from the launch weds night

IMG_5412 IMG_5413 IMG_5409 IMG_5410 IMG_5407 IMG_5402

THE STRIPY TOP at the end omg… love love love i would be all over that, you can find all their stuff here http://hot-mess.co.uk

then ran from there to premiere of Spy which was the funniest film i’ve seen in a long long time

IMG_5423 IMG_5419 kat-shoob-spy-european-premiere-01

look how British and polite they look in this pic.. look at their hands hahaha


The Rock, Flip Flops and Tinie

last night was premiere of San Andreas, heres The Rock being a mega babe

the rock

heres me looking uncomfortable as the outfit i was going to wear i chucked a coffee at it 3 minutes before was meant to leave… back up emergency dress (whatever was hanging on wardrobe) thrown on… Dress & bag H&M and shoes New Look


then we headed to Ipanema flip flop launch… (Sarah Jane-Crawford is the face/feet of them) which by the end of the night was a very welcome little gift – the flip flops are so comfy it feels like you are walking on cushions I AM NOT JOKING, i dunno what magic springs they’ve put in them but have a look at them here    ipanema.uk.com 


they are the best flip flops i have ever put my trotters in, which is exactly what my feet felt like by end of the night as we went to see Tinie Tempah and Dj Charlesy perform at Lynx Black Space, which is a popup barber in Bricklane London where guys can hang out get their hair trimmed and sit by the bar too… it was a super sexy place, very jealous i don’t have a penis    lynxeffect.com 

here’s Tinie and Charlesy smashing it AS EVER

TT & charlsey