hot!mess & Spy movie

so hot!mess have the most gorgeous new stuff – here’s my faves from the launch weds night

IMG_5412 IMG_5413 IMG_5409 IMG_5410 IMG_5407 IMG_5402

THE STRIPY TOP at the end omg… love love love i would be all over that, you can find all their stuff here

then ran from there to premiere of Spy which was the funniest film i’ve seen in a long long time

IMG_5423 IMG_5419 kat-shoob-spy-european-premiere-01

look how British and polite they look in this pic.. look at their hands hahaha


The Rock, Flip Flops and Tinie

last night was premiere of San Andreas, heres The Rock being a mega babe

the rock

heres me looking uncomfortable as the outfit i was going to wear i chucked a coffee at it 3 minutes before was meant to leave… back up emergency dress (whatever was hanging on wardrobe) thrown on… Dress & bag H&M and shoes New Look


then we headed to Ipanema flip flop launch… (Sarah Jane-Crawford is the face/feet of them) which by the end of the night was a very welcome little gift – the flip flops are so comfy it feels like you are walking on cushions I AM NOT JOKING, i dunno what magic springs they’ve put in them but have a look at them here 


they are the best flip flops i have ever put my trotters in, which is exactly what my feet felt like by end of the night as we went to see Tinie Tempah and Dj Charlesy perform at Lynx Black Space, which is a popup barber in Bricklane London where guys can hang out get their hair trimmed and sit by the bar too… it was a super sexy place, very jealous i don’t have a penis 

here’s Tinie and Charlesy smashing it AS EVER

TT & charlsey

Hoff The Record

went to screening of new Disney film ‘Tomorrowland A World Beyond’ tonight and while we were there look who we bumped into


it’s only the blumin Hoff!!! David Hasslehoff was there for screening of his new tv show on Dave called  ‘Hoff The Record’… bloody hell i love that guy

so i tried to get little sneaky pic with him


but i got told off by security… and i think The Hoff spotted me


Soz Dave xx


so…… in my head when i saw this dress hanging up i definitely 100% thought i would look exactly the same, just like it ‘oh my god look its her walking down Kentish Town whats she doing here’  like besties or twins, no different to….

Cameron Diaz in The Mask…

in THAT stripy dress she wears and Jim Carreys eyes do that pop out the head awoooga thing…


but the only thing i managed to pull off was female version of Beetlejuice… i think it was the seatbelt like straps that went over the boobs on my dress DAMN IT & the fact i look nothing like her and she’s a Hollywood star FFS…. i look like a ‘value version’

still if you want to look like Lady Beetlejuice pop to H&M, it was an absolute bargain & despite that i don’t quite look like Cameron i still love the dress completely anyway



Very put on a brilliant press day yesterday… gorgeous dresses from Sam Fairs range as well as Rochelle Humes, mini manicures from the ladies at Nails INC (cheers Alexa Chung for the lovely colours) and a brilliant little touch of having the guys down from Cereal Killers Cafe to provide some delicious treats. We were spoilt rotten!!!! Thank you Very!!

Heres some highlights and some dresses that if you are of a top heavy nature like myself i thought we might be able to squeeze our boobs into these ones and still look bang on trend for AW

IMG_4140 IMG_4139 IMG_4135 IMG_4133IMG_4175

adore an animal print on anything so loved these new looks for bedrooms… Liberace would be proud of the 2nd one


so i ended up going for the Banana nut Cheerios and the Peanut Butter flavour Kelloggs Jif (yeah i dunno what the Jif is about either, its not toilet cleaner, or that squirty lemon thing we use on pancake day), they are American brands so its all a bit more exciting…

you can find them now in Hoxton and in Shoreditch so definitely go down and take a look, its not wildly expensive (3 quid i think i would have been for what i had) and they have so many others to try we don’t have here in UK – this one was so good my head nearly fell off with excitement!!!


Claires Woodland Dreams AW 2015

mini woodland was the theme for Claires press day, heres the highlights and what you can look forward to very soon… WANT EVERYTHING






these phone cases.. the Katy Perry one lights up all round the jukebox and the pineapple eyes shake… then look at the yummy selection of doughnuts and fries for phones on the end ADORABLE!!!!!











but everyones highlight of the day was Neil the Sloth, he didn’t say much but i know he’s probably missing me/terrified…